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This is such a fun thing to do.

I have always worked with illustration and design, but with advent of multimedia and CD-ROM I now work with sound, animation and interactivity as well. And it is the interactivity that really makes working with CD-ROM fun. There is humour, a sense of surprise and adventure that can be incorporated into CD-ROM that would be very difficult in any other medium. The possibilities for storytelling, especially with titles for children, are endless.

I illustrated all the images on this CD-ROM, as well as doing the programming and everything else. This was my first multimedia project, which started out as an exercise to develop my multimedia skills, but eventually became a viable commercial product. It has won awards for both design and content.

Art in the Park
I'm not going to reveal a lot about this CD-ROM at the moment. This is my current project which I have been working on for the last 2 years - and it's not finished yet. Called "Art in the Park" it is a sequel to the Bears CD-ROM, with the same characters, but it is quite different. So here it is a sneak preview and a few screen shots.

As well as designing CD-ROM's, I also design websites. While I have done quite a few websites over the years for small businesses and companies, most of my time has been spent on my own projects. These are a two examples of sites which I think achieve what they where designed to do.

Shockwave is a plug-in that allows browsers to play applications (usually games) made in Macromedia Director. I wouldn't compare shockwave games to content packed CD-ROM's, but they are fun to play and definitely bring people to a site. This game called "Shoot the suit" is 100k in size (which will take about 30 seconds to download). To see and play some more of my shockwave games, visit Ted & Floppy's funpage at