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Website Design

exploring christianuty

Exploring Christianity
This is a project I have worked on with my Dad, who had published a series of booklets about Christianity. This is a reasonably substantial site with over 200 pages. It is very sparse on graphics. Functionality rather than visual design was important for this site. Some of the articles are quite long and in-depth so fast downloading and easy navigation where the main objectives of the site design.

teddy bear site

Ted & Floppy's educational software website
The advantage of working on my own site is that there is no budget. I do all the graphics, design and html work myself, so the size and complexity of the site is solely dependent on the time I'm prepared to put into it. And I have definitely put a lot of time into the Bears site.

The website was originally put up as a promotional and support tool for the Bears CD-ROM but has now become almost as important as the software. It provides all sorts of useful information about the CD-ROM as well as resources, colouring pictures, games and puzzles.

PixelPark - Kids Games & Family Games
I have many hobbies and playing board games is one of them, especially strategy games. But the games available in New Zealand seemed limited to a handfull of classics, party & trivia games that have been around forever... and we weren't getting any of the cool games the Europeans were producing. So I started importing them myself and distributing them to specialist game shops through my company PixelPark, which was originally set up to publish and distribute my Bears CDROM (which it still does). If you like card & board games, I think you'll find this site interesting.