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I studied photgraphy fulltime for a year at Wellington Polytechnic, and although I haven't chosen photography as a career, I still have a keen interest in it as a creative activity other than drawing. These are a small selection of photos taken over the last 20 years. Along with some comments about why I like them.

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Hello, and welcome to my website. My name is Tim Tripp, I'm a freelance cartoonist, designer, multimedia developer and illustrator. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand with my wife and two sons. I have a keen interest in photography and mountain biking.

I have a diploma in graphic design from Christchurch Polytechnic and 7 years experience in advertising as an art director/designer. For the last 15 years I have been freelancing, as an illustrator, designer and more recently multimedia developer. In 1993 I exchanged my drawing board for a computer and nearly everything I do now is created digitally. I work on both Macs and PCs. The software that I have most experience in are: Painter, Director, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Freehand, Peak and DeBabelizer.

I have developed this site as show case for the work I have done. Some of the work I do is commissioned by advertising agencies, magazines, publishers and clients, but most of what I do are self funded projects such as my graphic novel "The Dragon Slayer", the Bears CD-ROM, and the sequel I'm currently working on, "Art in the Park".

Cartoons & comic strips
I have been drawing cartoons as long as I can remember and enjoy creating my own characters. See some examples both published and unpublished of panel cartoons, comic strips and the graphic novel "Dragon Slayer".

A gallery of illustrations I have done for magazines, advertising, children's books and CD-ROM. I've included traditional artwork and work rendered on the computer. I use a number of different styles from cartoon to realistic and have included comments about the original brief, how I went about doing them and the materials I used.

Multimedia & webdesign
Over the last 10 years I have acquired some programming skills and am now spending more time working on new media assignments. Find out about the "Art in the Park" project I'm currently working on, the sequel to my Bears CD-ROM. I also have some links to recent website projects.