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Magazines & Advertising

©Tim Tripp


Illustration - The pen and the computer

I first started illustrating with traditional media; pen and ink, gauche, and airbrush, but now I entirely work on the computer. It is cleaner, I don't have to wear a mask to do my air brushing and I don't have coloured lips from licking my sable brush to keep it's point. The final job can be emailed rather than sending original art by courier. And at the end of the day it's hard to tell the difference between the traditional and computer work. I work with a variety of styles, mainly in cartoon style, but I also use a more realistic style when the subject matter requires it, such as my cdrom work.


I have illustrated a number of children's picture books and children's non-fiction books. These are examples from some of the books I have been involved with. Both cartoon style and airbrush for fiction and nonfiction. Most were done using traditional media.


I have illustrated calendars, advertising, brochures and point of sale for companies and ad agencies. Vector illustrations created in freehand, bitmap pictures painted in Painter and images created with traditional media.

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I have done a lot of work for magazines, including several covers. These examples are cartoon in style and mostly in colour, two samples are in black & white. Some are examples of simple spot illustrations that highlighted a specific point, others are busier and tend illustrate the overall impression of an article.

teddy bears

This is a collection of my most recent work, and is what I spend most of my time doing at the moment - creating and working with illustrations for CD-ROM and websites. These are a few background illustrations from my Bears CD-ROM, and my current project "Art in the Park". They were all illustrated entirely on the computer using "Painter" and a Wacom graphics tablet.