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For me, drawing cartoons is just like art, it is part of who I am and the way I express the world around me. I draw cartoons because I enjoy it. It is something I have always done, and this section of my web site features a sample of my cartoons, some which where commissioned others I just did for fun.

The Prophet
The Prophet is a comic strip I developed mainly for fun. However, I did send samples to a number of newspapers and received a (very polite) letter of rejection from each one. I did finish 20 or so strips, some of which I have put on this site so you can get to read them even if no one wants to publish them.

Adman is a comical insight into the world of Advertising through the antics of the Senior Account manager and Creative Director as they try and become the number one ad agency. This comic strip appeared in a monthly publication, subscribed, mainly by people in the advertising and marketing industry. This was my first commissioned cartoon strip. I was a bit worried that I would run out of ideas, but since I have worked in an number of advertising agencies, I had a wealth of inside knowledge to use as material.

The Novice
The Novice is a panel cartoon, which is published each week in a local newspaper. This was an interesting cartoon project, as I don't consider it to be a collection of individual jokes. It is more a series of events which construct a picture of the "Novice". It celebrates the fun and excitement of getting out and giving it a go. With a lack of real talent, coordination and agility, the novice will never quit... For the novice, the joy is not in winning but just making it to the finish line in one piece.

Sacluzia is a fantasy world of the Dragon Slayer. This was a large project, a comic book story that appeared in a monthly magazine as a double page spread. It was in color and took one to two weeks to do each of the 22 issues. It was eventually published as a graphic novel called "Dragon Slayer". Read the first 5 pages of this 48 page graphic novel.